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Posted by Lydia Pawlak February 25, 2013 - 03:10 pm
Hi Art,Dave,Steve, Here is the senario, I need to know if I had a 6dj8 pre-amplifier tube driving 2- EL84's in stereo, If I place a polyester 0.1uF capacitor strung across pins 3 and 6 for suppressor grid g3 then this is what is called Hazen Mod from DECWARE AUDIO. The claim here is that by taking care of the stranded electrons floating around one would get a cleaner, more dynamic soundstage with a good 3D effect. I am not an audio engineer, I am just going by what was in an article. I also have noted that I would also want to know in addition to that Hazen Mod, that if I had connected a NTE 1911 TO3 Negative adjustable voltage regulator -1.2v to -27vdc that with a string of resistors between output tubes pin number 3's start with 1R, TP(TEST POINT), 25R, 1R, TP Then the 25R is connected to the regulator (IN) with the adjusting resistor set at 15R, Adjuster potentiometer set to ground to adjust bias also as needed, and the (OUT) would go to the end of the string of resistors tying all of this up! would this work? I have a friend in Michigan, that is going to build this amplifier for me so this info will be relayed to him, so to speak! Thank you so much! Lydia

Posted by Art Grannell May 09, 2012 - 07:44 pm
Bill, Thanks for your comments. I understand your viewpoint. It’s probable that no two people have the same objective in any endeavor that they pursue in life, and that’s what makes the world “go ‘round”. I enjoy music immensely, and for many years have worked toward creating the best sound reproduction possible, both as a hobby and as a vocation. While I greatly respect the work of those that created the original ST-35, I also recognize that this amplifier had compromises that involved both marketability and production, as do all consumer electronics, particularly today. In the fifty years that have past since this amplifier was released, there have been significant improvements in both electronic circuitry, and component quality and availability. This project is an effort to incorporate advances into an amplifier that still maintains many of the qualities of the original, perhaps inspiring “like minded” folks to do the same.

Posted by Bill May 09, 2012 - 12:44 pm
I applaud your efforts, but I wonder if we modders are guilty of going too far and robbing the amps of their essence. It gets kinda' philosophical - when do the Dynacos cease to be Dynacos?

Sorry for being a little heavy!

Posted by Steve L. May 03, 2012 - 02:32 pm
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