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Posted by David Chen February 06, 2017 - 01:40 am
Thanks for Dick's work. Recently I am developing a new product but not in the audio field. Dick's posts give me a lot of help and save much time in development progress.

Posted by Don Brown January 21, 2017 - 06:33 am
I followed many of his postings and projects with interest. Then his posting ceased and I searched out the answer which brought me here. I did not know Dick and I assume the same for many of his readers, but I do feel like our community has lost a generous and helpful friend.

When it is my time to join him I would enjoy a little slice of eternity together to remember our shared interests, and laugh about how little we knew about that world we left behind.


Posted by Steve L. December 23, 2016 - 06:15 pm
Hi Robin, Thank you so much for those kind words and for all the support you have given for this effort. It is truly an honor for Tronola to host Dick's fine website.

Posted by Robin Moore December 23, 2016 - 05:56 pm
This page is a fine homage to the hours Dick spent playing and working in his lab/workshop/office/shop (depending on the work in progress. Thank you so much for keeping his work alive in the world of audio.

Posted by Steve L. December 23, 2016 - 07:36 am
Please feel free to add any comments or questions you might have. No sign-up is needed. Though I'm hardly an expert on Dick's work, as an experienced electronics engineer, I will do my best to answer questions. All postings on trigger emails to the appropriate author or caretaker, to respond as needed.

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